Having worked in the media since 2001, I have written hundreds of articles and conducted thousands of interviews but never have I ever really shared much of my own views or opinions, particularly when it comes to issues like fashion, mental health, women in society, our bodies and size and the stigmatization of being overweight. I have been both overweight and underweight several times. This blog is for my personal writing about all of these subjects and more and likely some parental discussion because I have two little boys. It is also my vehicle to say what has been in my heart for so long but I have had no venue for. I love to talk about makeup and clothes and hair but there is also a part of me that wants to talk about esteem and identity. In that I am always looking to pick up a new contract here and there, here is my CV and a few samples of my professional work.






Amy Kathleen German


Montreal (Québec) H3N2L5                                                                 amy.german@gmail.com


                                    Journalist/Professional Writer



With over 20 years of experience in the magazine industry and other media, I am a very accomplished reporter, and have done stints in radio, have a blog and am a natural on camera. I am social also media savvy can do some French to English translation and have spent years reviewing a wide variety of o products, experiences for magazines as well as writing tourism and education guides. As a writer I am as versatile as I am a fast learner.

Excellent spoken and written English, Good spoken French, understandable written French


      Main Skills :

  • Excellent typing
  • Capable of rapid copy production
  • Impeccable interviewing skills
  • Vast knowledge of Aboriginal Health
  • Vast knowledge of Canadian Politics
  • Vast knowledge of garments/textiles/vintage clothing and fashion history
  • Vast knowledge of cosmetics
  • Vast knowledge of Quebec tourism


Beesum Communications, Montréal                                                  December 2005 – the present

I have worked for the Nation Magazine, a Cree publication for the Anglophone Indigenous communities of Northern Quebec as a journalist in various different capacities since 2005.

Current Position: Journalist and content developer

  • I am currently working part time for the Nation as a journalist and content developer. I research stories for future issues as well as produce a few stories per issue.


News Editor                                                                          December / 2015 – November/2014

  • Managed several other journalists, developing and assigning stories as well as providing support for those journalists during their writing process.
  • Received all pitches from journalists, verified content, provided oral history on these events to the journalists as the magazine often stood as the written record for the happenings in that area.
  • Organized and prepared journalists to be sent to the north to go on assignment to do coverage in remote communities in the sub-arctic or often Val d’Or
  • At the same time I would also produce approximately 4-6 pages of content per issue as we would publish twice a month.


Freelance Journalist                                                                                        March/2005-Present


  • I worked at the Nation as a freelance journalist from December 2005-December 2015, during which time I would research and write between 6-12 articles per magazine. I am known for being able to create large volumes of coherent, well researched copy. During this period of my life whenever I wasn’t working I was out in the streets with the other activists, protesting, carrying signs and holding candles at vigils.
  • Since about 2002 I have worked as a freelance journalist, first starting out as an album reviewer and music writer for Nightlife magazine, then moving on to Hour Magazine where I became a news writer and frequently wrote tourism pieces as well as education supplements. More recently have written for Cult magazine


Secretary/Receptionist                                                                    February 2001-February 2005

I worked for Quebecor subsidiaries The Montreal Mirror, Ici Montreal and 24 Heures Montreal Metropolitaine. I answered the phone, did light accounting, proofread classified ads and dealt with everyone who walked into the building. This was where I learned how magazines operated and learned how to write. I really wasn’t suited to administrative work or accounting but it was where I learned how to write and fell in love with writing


Dawson College,     Montréal                                                        1995-1997

DEC in Creative Arts

Volunteering/ Social Activism

Montreal Urban Aboriginal Strategy Network                                                                2016


  • Provided information and consultations regarding rural Aboriginal children in the urban foster care system.


Various                                                                                                                      2005 – 2018

Activism through journalism

  • I have always used my position as a writer to shed light upon the situations that needed it most, the causes that needed the greatest hand and the injustices that needed to be seen by the world. This is what much of my life has been about, extending an open hand to help up someone whose voice needed to be heard. It has been a lifelong commitment and a labour of love. It is how I have helped and how I have contributed most to society.


Additional Information

  • I have reviewed hundreds of cookbooks and am very well versed in cuisine
  • I have also spent years interviewing doctors and am familiar with medical terminology
  • I have written endless gift guides and am excellent at product descriptions
  • I am excellent at creating a lot of ad driven content such as guides to romantic getaways or family fun excursions and that type of editorial content that is easy to frame ads around
  • While I usually write/work from home on account of having small, I am very personable and very comfortable in a one on one interview, on camera or meetings.
  • I am very enthusiastic but easygoing
  • I am very able to work 40 a week provided that the hours are flexible as I will frequently get up and start a work day at 5:00 am to accommodate my family.
  • I am an extremely driven and hardworking individual. As a working parent, work needs to be both done cautiously and efficiently so that the client or boss gets exactly what they want when they want it without fail. I am used to working under these kinds of circumstances. This is something I am used to accommodating.


Information Technology

  • I am well versed in social media and generally use a PC to write with.
  • I use WordPress for my own site and submit most articles using Microsoft Word 10



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