The New Girls Night Out: A Night with Miss Victory Violet

There once was a time where we all got tarted up in vinyl mini skirts, tie on half tops that the cat couldn’t fit into and ripped fish nets, chain smoked, got trashed on shots served out of test tubes, danced until we couldn’t, threw up, danced some more, drank some more and slept it off the whole next day because we were 20 and we could.

This was my life as a wee little party queen in college back at a time when you could still smoke in bars (yes, I am that old and so what) and I didn’t have any responsibility but life has changed a lot over the last couple of decades but girls still wanna have fun! That fun however has to meet some pretty stiff criteria at this point in my life however with the weight I have to carry. With that said,  it can’t run late as I have to be home no later than 9:30 so I can get to bed at a reasonable hour so I can get up to get my kids ready for daycare/school,  it generally shouldn’t be centered around drinking because I don’t drink anymore as I find alcohol to cause too much chaos for my life as a parent and really needs to be worth it for me to want to leave my house for the evening, pay a sitter and get dressed up after getting up at 5 :30 am.

Aside from two times where I went out for one girlfriend’s wedding and two different work related events, my first actual event of my choosing in seven years was to go to the Brush Out workshop with Miss Victory Violet on April 4th.

It was so strange to walk in to the clothing store and see the model that I have seen in every ad for every piece of lingerie, swing dress, retro heel and red lipstick I have loved for the past few years calling me over to sit at my spot and get my goodie bag so I could begin my lesson on how to do my hair like hers.

She was immaculate. And, despite how much I generally weird people out, exceptionally kind. As I usually use sponge rollers to set my hair and not a curling iron, I so couldn’t master this art in the given amount of time, talked way too much and just flubbed everything I was supposed to do the the most embarrassing of ways.

But, rather than sternly put me back into my place, as I was probably the oldest girl there and the only one that was a working mother that was cross-eyed tired, she just very patiently helped me catch up and then fixed the side of my hair that I completely messed up when I did it on my own.

While I didn’t entirely master the skill of doing the vintage wave the way I wanted to, I did learn a lot about how to set vintage hair and walked out of there feeling something that I hadn’t felt in so long. I felt pretty. It was sad that I came home just to put my kids to bed, post photos on Instagram and then hang out with the cat but for the first time in a really long time I felt attractive instead of just feeling like an entity that writes and interviews and changes diapers and cooks and cleans and tries to cope and sometimes cries and often worries.

So, was it worth the ticket? Oh Hell yeah!20180404_210354.jpg20180404_195237.jpg20180404_192007.jpg20180404_210457.jpg20180404_220626.jpg20180404_182633.jpg

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