Day one of my new site


My name is Amy Kathleen German. I am a 39 year old mother of two lovely little boys that is obsessed with pin up fashion (and vintage lingerie), fitness, politics, feminism, baking and trying to grow as a person. This new site will be talking about all of that and more.

I have worked in the magazine industry since I was 22, prior to that I was a bar tender and waitress (that drank heavily while doing it), worked in retail for about three years and then did a lot of random odd jobs.

Throughout all of that, for the most part, I have kept my opinions to myself. Well, that is all about to change because this is where I am going to talk about pin up fashion, my own issues (I suffer from Chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that on me basically looks like a lot of crying. But, a big part of what I am trying to do here with this website is talking about the things that I love and how I get to those things while suffering from something that can, at times, be quite debilitating.

I post frequently on Instagram under the handle, @amykathleengerman and use my real name because I don’t want to hide anything. I don’t post stuff that is too personal. I am happy to talk about the symptoms of what I suffer from but not what caused it (because its multi-factored) and because that is too much for me.

But, what I will tell you is what pin-up has done for me. I have spent much of my life hating myself, being a possession to other people in certain ways and very, very self conscious about my body and weight. I gain and loose weight very rapidly and have since childhood. Right now I am heavy, between a 10-12 US dress size. Usually I am about a 6-8. I talk about this because I am also going to have some fitness related articles on this site and review different products pertaining to weight and weight loss as I am big time into weight lifting and working out.

The Pinup thing for me has been a means of reclaiming myself after many years of going through situations where I did not feel I had a lot of rights over my own body and self and often felt scared. What this whole Pinup thing has given me is a way to express myself through dress and indulge in decadent attire from other eras. While I always tried to play it down, I am a really, really, really girly girl. I love pinks and reds (especially together), I wear skirts or dresses most days, unless I am in my house in which case I am just wearing the mom uniform which consists of stretchy black clothing. If you have kids you know exactly what I am talking about. Mothers look like something, either black shorts, yoga pants or leggings and a black t-shirt type of thing.

With Pinup I get to be pretty and, at that, when I chose to, I get to be modest. I am a church goer (which in Montreal is like saying that you are a cult member). One of the things I like most about vintage clothing is that I don’t have to show it all off. I can be modest when I want to be and that is sometimes where I need to be. It is my choice. What a woman wears should always be her choice, whether it be a bikini or a Burka or both at the same time. As far as I am concerned, men do not have the right to dictate how we should dress and there is no sort of dress that should invite a man to treat a woman badly because she is wearing it. While I am definitely way, way, way on the left politically, I will always stand in support of any gal that wants to wear whatever she wants and do whatever she wants with her own body.

So yeah, I have found that over the last year of my life I have blossomed through this whole pinup thing. And, I am only getting started!

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