Outfit of the day for June 2nd

While I started out this blog back in June, I had to go through a phase of re-focusing myself on what I wanted to talk about.

So, this post I am going to devote to my love of Dolly and Dotty20170716_091204 a line of luscious clothes I discovered while perusing Top Vintage’s website one night. I have since bought three dresses from them. This was my first.

What I like so much about them is the fact that I can get a figure flattering swing dress in all kinds of shapes and sizes from them. I love swing dresses because I feel very self conscious about my upper legs and butt and now my waist. I had always prided myself on having such a tiny waist. Those days are so dead and gone. After c-section #2, I developed this odd looking pot belly that I have had to buy so much shape wear for and am in a perpetual state of trying to lose.

I know I should practice what I preach but my tummy drives me fucking crazy as I used to have a 28 inch waist and now its up to like 31 and I feel unattractive about it.

But getting back to Dolly and Dotty, the clothes are all very 50s and actually very well made. I have a very curvy figure and their dresses accommodate that very nicely.

I would highly recommend checking them out at: https://www.dollyanddotty.co.uk/


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