The Seamstress of Bloomsbury is my Latest Fantastic Fashion Find

Anyone with an ere for nostalgia has a particular era that really fascinates them. For me this has always been the 1940’s, particularly when it comes to fashion.

I had been seeing all of these gorgeous 40’s style dresses pop up on Instagram and seriously, my heart leaped with every dress I saw, each one more enchanting than the next. So, I took a gamble and ordered a few from the UK and oh my, it was worth every dime.

Airy and light, these dresses are made for summer and the perfect thing to don in such crazy humidity. At the same time, I would easily toss on a slip underneath and a sweater and wear these dresses year round. They are gorgeous with meticulous detail and very authentic to the era. For that matter, I put on the “Dorothy Dress” for today’s outfit of the day only to realize that I am in the process of restoring a gown that is quite similar and from the actual 40’s. Same fabric, same cut, only minor updates like the Seamstress of B dress has tiny, adorable, heart-shaped buttons that I have never seen before. They were the most darling and delightful detail along with the pan collar and flowy skirt. Made  from true to the era rayon. This is a site I will be following up with over and over again as I was just thrilled with it and beyond.

I felt gorgeous and I felt elegant and I can’t even explain enough how much I love these dresses. A fabulous find!!!! If you love the 40s, this is so the site to go to!!!!

And, after last night’s revelations and emotional blog purge, I am still feeling lighter as I pray for my enemies and let go of so much of the hate I have been carrying.

Today is a beautiful day.20170802_12011420170802_12012220170802_12015920170802_12022720170802_120257



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