Another Red Dress Day in August

I love the color red. It has always been one of my favorites because I love it with my complexion but also its synonimity with passion and fire and love. I often feel these three things simultaneously. I love my children passionately and feel passion for fashion and vintage wear with a burning desire. I also at times feel like I am completely on fire, burning in the flames of my previous life that I am trying to recover from.

Today’s dress, the Peggy Wrap Dress from the Seamstress of Bloomsbury is another work of magnificence that could be right off of a movie set or a high quality piece of deadstock because it is so dead on for the era, from the fabric to the feel. The contrasting ivory and that particular shade of 40’s red that pairs so perfectly with my Besame Red lipstick and perfectly matching Hera Heels by BAIT are such a perfect match to each other that they could be sold in a package as a set.

I also love how this dress, a British size 16, drapes perfectly and fits my body. I am not exactly what you would call plus size (unless we are talking about actual vintage size) but I usually wear about a size 10-12 at the moment though my weight goes up  and down a lot. One of the greatest things about this whole pinup moment is that it is the only genre of clothing where you see almost everything in in sizes ranging from very small to plus for the same garment. I have had so many plus sized friends complain about the hideous and often matronly clothing that is sold from plus sized stores. Part of my greatest attraction to this whole movement has been precisely that, nobody gets excluded. There are a lot of companies that make clothes for everybody and so everybody gets included.

Inclusion is something that means more to me than just about anything in the world for the simple sake that I have always felt like an outsider. While I have worn everything from a size 4 to 16 as my weight has shot up and down over the years, I felt like I was an outsider because of difficulty within my own family, because I am an Anglophone in Quebec and have lived through times that were highly stigmatized and there was tension between the two. I have felt like an outsider for not having a family or a community here, for having been in horrible relationships that I was too ashamed to talk about and feeling so much self hatred from within that I just didn’t want to be around other people.

I don’t feel that way as much anymore though. I love this whole pin up community because I get to be part of it simply because I want to be just like I love my church because every single person under the stars is welcome there too.

So I love this dress, it makes me feel fantastic about myself.


God Bless the Seamstress of Bloomsbury!


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