Masking my Burnout in Pink

While it may not seem obvious from the way I photograph or what I am photographed in, I am a struggling mother of two that scarcely gets some downtime. This whole summer, that I had planned on focusing on my health both mental and physical as well as my career, wound up being all of that and having a toddler full time at home because his daycare closed due to a flood back in May and he can’t go back until the building renovations are completed.

So, I have been doing my regular journalism gig part time, blogging whenever I can to showcase that I can talk about other subjects and live a life that is quite less than normal and borders on the margins.

When it gets down to it, I am a broke mother of two that buys clothes to make me feel better because I am alone and exhausted and its my way of self medicating…. and I am also trying to make a career out of it.

While I may be kind go through phases where I am all about black, when I do pink, I really do pink. I fucking love pink and this Hearts and Roses Royal Ballet Dress in Pink  is a honey of a gown as you can totally get away with wearing it down as a day dress or jacking it up with some heels and a petticoat and loads of accessories and going out on the town or to a wedding in this kind of a number.

A floral print on a pastel pink, this dress has hues of white and greens and reds and burgundy within the flowers. It is the girliest of girly-girl dresses and something I would have chosen to wear at the age of 3 and 39.

It is a beautiful, pretty, prissy pink dress that a girly girl would fall head over heals with and it is pin up perfection with its cap sleeves, sweetheart neckline and full swing skirt. The fabric too has a bit of stretch so there is lots of room in the dress in a large even if you are a DD cup- I am  a DD cup so I speak from experience.

Flattering, fancy and the peak of pretty, I love this dress and I loved twirling around my back yard in this pretty dress for the collective ten minutes I get to wear it before I have to get back into mom gear (solid black polyester with mess on it- a look that says I am working on my weight while saying I am ready for anything all in one.)

Anyway, if I only got to look good for ten minutes, this was well worn.

I am going through a bought of absolute exhaustion, trying to take care of my kids, work, cook, clean and take care of my trauma packed head.  So, I may have felt like absolute crap, just as I do right now, but I looked good fro 10 minutes so there.

In these photos I am also wearing Shazam pin up hair flowers and a pair of Bettie Page heels that I got from Modcloth

IMG_20170814_144113_263 (1)IMG_20170814_144942_46920170814_14302620170814_143023

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