House of Foxy is like No Other

When it comes to quality, design and even the finest of details, the House of Foxy really is like no other house of design because they have a certain element of elegance in every design that really does distinguish them as one of the finest retro reproduction designers.

Taking inspiration from era specific Sears catalogs, actual pieces of vintage clothing and dresses once warn by Hollywood starlets, the House of Foxy has yet to disappoint me and is often something that I will keep aside for a special day or when I need to walk into somewhere with my A Game going.

And, that was exactly what was going on with me yesterday. I have made no secret of my struggles with chronic PTSD and while I don’t so much want to use my blog to showcase the shit show that has been my life, yesterday was about going back into the church I had been arguing with all week. I get a lot of support from my church community, which as a Montrealer sounds rather odd as most people left it so long ago, but for me it is something that I need spiritually.

So, the House of Foxy’s 60s Day Dress in Yellow Foxglove was my armor for a day where I knew I knew I would be walking into difficulty, having had a spat with a priest (yes I got into an argument with a priest) for failing to inform me prior that Sunday School and nursery services had been cancelled.

The thing is, I am alone with my five year old and 18 month old about 90% of the time and so I have to be cautious about what kind of environments I select to go into with my boys because the little one now likes to run away to try and join the choir or go outside onto St-Catherine street. So, I need help and the guy failed to tell me that I wouldn’t be getting any help that day and in that I have no other help, I suddenly found myself in an environment that made me panic as my toddler ran around and screamed and threw himself on the floor. I had a horrific anxiety attack. Then I got into it with the priest for not warning me prior.

Then I went into a depression for a week due to that and other circumstances that are beyond my control. So, I didn’t post a lot last week as I couldn’t manage much more than work and caring for my kids.

But back to that dress, what stands out about the design isn’t just the spectacular floral print in pinks and blues and greens on yellow but just the spectacular cut. This cotton sun dress features a ruched waist, a full skirt and high almost boat neckline and short sleeves. Not only is this very era specific but it its high waist makes it ultra flattering.

I wore it with my hair up and a cascade of Shazam pin up hair flowers and a pretty petal pink pair of of Pinup Coture kitten heels to wrap it all together.

Sometimes Pinup for me is like my armor. It is something that sets me aside from other people but also what I use to detract from some of the darkness I may be going through. In this dress, all I was was sunshine on the outside.20170813_133245IMG_20170813_141553_958IMG_20170813_142421_316

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