Reviews I would Rather Do

I have spent the bulk of the past 20 years reviewing everything from music to firearms, usually trying to put a positive spin on them because that was the assignment. There were times when I genuinely liked the product as I used receive tons of records that I loved, times that I had to write something even though I knew nothing about what I was talking about, in this case the many number of rifles I recommended falls directly into that category. Then there were the legions of cookbooks I was spoiled with that I simply devoured with lust that could have made me corpulent.

This is my new section for real reviews. I have been sent to so many trade shows over the last two decades and interviewed so many different strangers who were trying to flog garbage to me that I could only define as nonsensical that I had to find happy things to say about that I now feel obligated to put this section up just to rid my soul of the lies.

From boats that I couldn’t drive to fish finders I couldn’t understand to taxidermists who were looking for apprentices, this is how I will cleanse my soul. You were all fucking crazy.

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