Ravishing and Red hot…. for 20 minutes

Outfit of the day for Saturday, June 3rd

So I got my outfit of the day photo done, it’s a gorgeous red Collectif dress worn with a unique vintage petticoat and a pair of B.A.I.T. shoes. I am also wearing my new favorite lipstick, Besame Red.

But, here is the reality, it’s been 20 minutes since those photos were taken and I have two screaming children that I am following around as I type. What I am actually wearing at the moment consists of worn out black work out gear from the Gap and dirty old Nikes.

I am a pin up but I am also a complete and total fucking fraud. I very seldom wear those dresses beyond my bedroom and if I do, it is usually to church or to work and the clothes come off before I come into direct contact with my kids. I am trying to sell the world on this glamorous, beautiful me that clearly would know how to dance and where to go out and sip drinks and have fun conversation about light and happy things.

I am a survivor of so many evils that I can can scarcely count them and merely thinking about some of those moments reduces me to a crying, shaking dysfunctional mess. I do my best to keep those memories at bay and have good medical help that gets me through all of it. And I do get through it and bounce back and keep working and mothering and putting on my pinup clothes and praying and doing the very best I can with this life.

My reality is that I am a struggling mother of two that has to balance work (I am a journalist that works from home), trying to re-brand myself through this website, parenting, my older child goes to day camp at the moment while the 17 month old is still at home with me and everything else. As we are Montrealers, I don’t have a car or even know how to drive as I moved to the city just as I turned 16.

While I may lack in traditional skills like driving, math and being terrible at housework, I make up for it with knowing a tremendous amount about a whole bunch of random shit because I have worked in journalism since my early 20s. For every interview I became more familiar with whatever story I was working on that day. I know all sorts of random shit about everything from mining to Indigenous treaty rights to child care to vintage clothing and makeup.

This is what I love about journalism though. I am a little ADD-like, I like being able to learn more about a new subject every day. I love to learn- when my brain cooperates but I will save explaining that problem another day.

Below I am wearing the red Delores Doll Dress from Collectif, a petticoat from Unique Vintage and B.A.I.T’s Hera shoes in red. I love the Delores Doll dresses and own three. They are stretchy and fit my big bust and with a petticoat underneath or an added belt, it can really highlight an hourglass figure. The Unique Vintage petticoat isn’t bad because I like the volume it gives but it is a little itchy.

The Hera shoes are just great and I have been wearing them all summer.




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