Fashion review and what is new

So I am going to try and start talking about my outfit of the day every day and what’s going on with me, I have never really blogged before and due to the fact that I have led an entirely fucked up life where I didn’t spend a lot of time exploring who and what I wanted to be.

Over the past year I have developed this incredibly intense passion for pinup. While I find myself having a very hard time fitting in with most people and places around me, I have found so much new self esteem dressing in retro clothes and going with this whole pinup movement because for once, I don’t have to be perfectly skinny and perfectly perfect to post my photos and just share.

While I am an intensely private person in many respects, having the distance of the internet between me and other people makes me feel so much more comfortable talking.

I have worked in the magazine industry since I was 22 years old and have been writing professionally for about 16 years. I didn’t do this by the traditional route however, oh God no! That would have been too simple.

By the time I got to University I was just not in a state where I could function in a classroom or concentrate. So, I dropped out and became a bartender for a few years. Once that work started to dry up for me…. because I seriously couldn’t handle life at night and so much booze, one of my best friends got me a day job working as a receptionist at the Montreal Mirror, a now defunct alternative weekly, if anyone can remember what those were once like.

I learned magazines from the inside out and basically learned journalism just by mimicking what everyone else around me was doing. It was fucked up!

Anyway, today’s outfit consists of this gorgeous fuchsia and cream polka-dotted dress and pink glitter heels, both from Collectif.

I really love Collectif and only discovered them a few months ago as, living in Montreal, why would I know about them? Since I discovered their website, oh man, I have just been in pinup heaven!!!! I am a huge, huge fan of just how figure flattering their dresses are, how they come in such a wide range of sizes, how they are actually pretty well made and how in love I fall with each item. Logging onto their site is like going to visit the goods of fairy Godmothers online. Their pieces are magical and often exactly what I would want had I imagined something out of think air that would make me feel pretty and regal and beautiful.

I love this dress because it gives me a lot of space to be feminine and  it twirls nicely and it has a bow. At times I think my fashion sense is a return from childhood, if you stick bows on it and make it twirly and pink, I will love it. I was like that at four and am still like that at 39.

Seriously, for all of the drawbacks we get for being women like the marginalization of being much more vulnerable in society, unequal pay, often being saddled with all of the cooking, cleaning and childcare work- at least in my life- with fewer career opportunities. Holey shit I could seriously go on forever here, what is great about us is that we get to wear the more fun clothing!!!!!

So I absolutely love this dress and the shoes are like something out of a childhood fantasy. Pink and glitter and with a bow, holy shit, I nearly blew a girly gasket upon stepping into them. There is nothing about them not to love!

And, today’s hair accessories come from @sophisticatedladyhairflowers I have bought a lot of accessories from her, she does a phenomenal job and sells them form her Etsy store.

Today’s outfit made me feel happy and pretty and so spoiled to be able to enjoy such beautiful things.






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