The Deco Dots

Since I’ve ventured into the pinup world, of all of the different labels I have had the pleasure of wearing, I do have to say that I am really, really partial to the House of Foxy!!!!

Today’s outfit consisted of the 30s ‘Ava’ Tea Dress in Emerald Deco Dot by the House of Foxy. Though I have two other Ava Tea dresses in different fabrics, the moment they said emerald, I said sold. Emerald is one of my most favorite colors. Its up there with pink and red but emerald has a special place in my heart.

This expertly crafted dress is an investment but a worthwhile one as house of foxy garments are so well made and true to the era that, down to the finest detail, that it is the kind of garment you may just as well be able to keep around for a decade and never wear it out (depending on what you do in your clothes). If you spend your days in an abattoir or are a wrestler, this may not be good work attire.

I really felt like such a lady in this dress and in the deep swampy heat of Montreal in July, it actually felt really great to wear something so breezy and light. Filling this dress out perfectly, I wore my What Katie Did emerald Cathedral bra. I can not rave about those bras enough because its the only vintage style of bra you can find that really fits with a plunging neckline. And, the art deco aesthetic to this bra is to die for!!!

On my feet are the B.A.I.T Danita wedges in Black. They give a wonderful long leggy feel without the pain of being on a stilted heel. I usually try and go for shorter heels or wedges now that I have kids as I frequently have to be able to make a mad dash when a little one has strayed or is about to walk into traffic.

And, adding that extra bit of glitz, some so much fun Splendette bangles. While I never saw myself as the plastic bangle type, I am so loving these this summer. They are glittery or carved or leopard or diamond studded or wooden or whatever. They are wonderful and make me happy.

On my face today was my usual MAC eye shadow liner, Ofra Cosmetic’s Gold Rush (from my Ipsy bag), my usual Besame 1915 blush and Besame red because its my favorite today.

As for me, I am in the process of mending some vintage clothes I recently purchased and am trying to refit as my boobs just don’t fit into anything. I am like a 34-36DD, depending on whether its a stretch or non-stretch band and have a penchant for bullet bras. In my opinion, as an expert in being a large breasted woman, I am happiest in a bullet bra because I find them more comfortable than anything and they thin me out at the torso, moving the focal point away from my weird looking mom pooch.

I work out like a maniac but its still there and so I am frequently donning something restrictive as all hell under whatever I am wearing.

Guess that is it for today.










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