Esther Williams bathing suits are the Bomb!

My love of vintage styles began years before donning them, watching old movies in childhood. I loved musicals, I loved dancing and I also loved the grand, masterful and outright over the top scenes where Esther Williams would be the star of the show!

Getting to pretend to be her is about the next best thing than watching her in the Esther Williams line of swimsuits. Designed identically to the halter sheaths that Williams wore in her films, these bathing suits are perfect for both the curvy and not so curvy as the over layer of rushing that comes over the under layer makes for the perfect modesty if you are self conscious about a bit of tummy or just like the retro look.

Named for the gal of the golden age of cinema, Williams, who was once an Olympian, had her own pool on the MGM sets and the films were always built around her swimming.

These bathing suits give you the opportunity to experience a moment of that glamour and be comfortable while you swim in a durable, well made, figure flattering suit that is classic and just fantastic.

I own one in green, polka dots and the gold featured below. The gold was actually a discontinued model but I tracked it down from an online retailer as she was mostly in metallic bathing suits to look like a pin up type of mermaid.

Available from the Esther William’s  official website and most of the online pin up shops, you so, so, so can’t go wrong with an Esther Williams!

And, at that, I feel great walking around in my Esther Williams suit. mommy curves and all!IMG_20170721_114913_166Gold suit

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